Processing tips  
  For SALUX profile sheets

Use saw blade with fine teeth, diamond separation-discs or roll knife.
Use hot-gas-welders. Use the same material as additive (cut small strips off sheet material).

Verwenden von Heißgasschweißgeräten. Als Zusatz sollten Sie den gleichen Werkstoff verwenden (schmale Streifen vom Plattenmaterial schneiden).
Use regular adhesive for rigid PVC. Clean surfaces that are to be glued from grease and dust and rough the surface to be glued slightly.

Nicht bei Temperaturen unter 5°C duchführen.
Montagebedingte manuelle Transporte einzelner Platten
   nicht bei Windgeschwindigkeit über 3 m/s durchführen.

examples showing how to fix
fixings can be ordered when ordering sheet
spacers must be used when sheets are used for roofing

max. supporter distances (Pfetten- or Riegel-distances) in mm
Pfettendistance Roof load:
Profile:            75 kg/m²       100 kg/m²         fastening crest/valley of sheet
  70/18           800               500                   1., 4., 7. etc.
  76/18           800               500                   1., 4., 7. etc.
130/30         1000               700                   1., 4., 7. etc.
177/51         1200             1000                   1., 4., 7. or 1., 3., 4., 6.
Riegeldistance Wall load:
Profile:             50 kg/m²       100 kg/m²         fastening crest/valley of sheet
  70/18           1000               800                  1., 4., 7. etc.
  76/18           1000               800                  1., 4., 7. etc.
130/30           1200             1000                  1., 4., 7. etc.
177/51           1400             1400                  1., 4., 7. or 1., 3., 4., 6.
avoid insulation and false ceilings behind or underneath PVC sheets;
   ensure that sheets have sufficient ventilation to avoid heat build up
   and development of condensation
PVC sheet shall not jut out more than 200 mm but must jut out
   at least 40 mm, distance from last row of screws.
In case of roof installations always use spacers to fasten the wave crest;
   in case of vertical installation use wave valley to fasten sheets.

Contact surfaces need to be cleaned from any Contamination.
   They must also have a white shade and should be concealed with
   aluminium foil. If you choose a dark colour the surface could heat up
   so much that the profile might lose its shape, cracks could appear
   and the sheet might change colour. This also applies to overlapping
   of dark roofs and SALUX sheets.
Pay attention to the main wind direction when carrying out the
   Tafelstoß. (Direction of lying against main wind direction)

Radius of bending >3m (profiles 70/18 and 76/18).
Fasten boards with each other possibly under one another.(min. M6)
The roof pitch should not be less than 7°. In case you have a low
   pitch, overlap 2 waves.
PVC boards expand and contract with temperature changes.
   Pay attention to this, when you are fixing sheets, otherwise
  deformation might occur.
Never directly step on PVC-sheets. Always use a ladder or something
   similar. It would be best to even put foam material underneath.

Certainly you still have to pay attention to local restrictions of construction. Though we give you some advice how and where to use our products, you still have the duty to check the product and the place where you want to install it. If doubts occur, we recommend you to ask for professional advice. Technical changes reserved.

You should clean the PVC at least once year. If it gets dirty sooner,
   feel free to clean it more often.
Cleaning should be carried out with regular household cleaners.
Do not use abrasive, corrosive or solvent additives!